Villere Funds Commentary (3/31/17)
Question: What do Supreme Court nominees, President Donald Trump’s tweets, and White House Advisor Jared Kushner’s efforts in the Middle East have in common? Answer: They have no impact on Villere & Company’s investment process. We spend no time wondering or worrying about the 24-hour news cycle’s impact on the market. Instead, we focus on seeking out high quality stocks at a reasonable price.

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Barron's (3/28/17)
3 Stocks Poised to Beat the Market in 2017 Sandy Villere, III says he’s pulling back on bonds and looking for small­caps to perform well this year. He discusses composition of the Villere Balanced fund – a mixture of overlooked or out-of-favor small-caps stocks with bonds - as well as a few currently favored stock selections.

Fox Business (3/22/17)
How the health care bill impacts Wall Street As the market reacts to uncertainty surrounding the potential repeal of Obamacare, Lamar Villere believes market volatility is normal and that we should have a better sense of where we’re headed as decisions are made on healthcare reform.

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CNBC (3/9/17)
Rate hike next week is a 'foregone conclusion' Bullish in the short term and favoring domestic small-cap stocks, Sandy Villere III shares his thoughts on the market outlook on CNBC’s Power Lunch.

Bloomberg Radio (3/8/17)
Villere Says ’Nice‘ Recovery Should Continue Optimistic on small-caps, Sandy Villere III thinks the recovery should continue into 2017. He provides his insight on a couple stock picks.

USA Today (2/23/17)
The Dow's on a run, but are investors 'overly enthusiastic'? Lamar Villere comments on investor optimism and recent market rally. He thinks "Wall Street's rosy view of things is also one of the big risks facing the market."

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CNBC (2/15/17)
Markets on a wing and a prayer? The recent market rally is based on hopes for fewer regulations and lower taxes and has been backed by earnings according to George Young. Usually the market is an early indicator of what could happen in the economy. In this case, Young thinks "we're basing the economy on what we think may happen."

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Villere Commentary (12/31/16)
2016 4Q Commentary - Seeking Good Stocks - Our Ongoing Commitment Villere portfolio managers have been fielding questions from the media and investors alike: how do we think this administration will affect the market in general and our portfolios in particular? While we believe it is too soon to make any predictions with confidence, Villere's approach to security selection does not depend on interpreting daily economic and political events.

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CBS MoneyWatch (12/23/16)
Why's it taking so long for the Dow to cross the 20,000 point? Many consider the Dow outdated and too narrow to adequately represent the American stock market and overshadowed by the S&P 500. However, investors still regularly reference it. George Young noted that "S&P 500 doesn't roll easily off the tongue like the Dow does."
CNBC (12/8/16)
Tipp: Policies will make bonds great again Sandy Villere III weighs in on the sell-off in bonds. Currently investing at minimum required in bonds in the Villere Balanced Fund, he is hesitant to invest in bonds at this point and thinks stocks are the place to be.

Watch the interview >
Wall Street Journal (11/21/16)
In Stock-Market Rally, Small Beats Large Several analysts think small-caps are poised to outperform for the rest of 2016 as fund managers look to strengthen year-end figures. "There's always going to be more volatility in small- and midcap stocks," said George Young. "That's what offers promise long term for those who can stand it."
MarketWatch (11/14/16)
Here's an Apple supplier whose stock may soar in 2017 Sandy Villere speaks about the "uniqueness" of the Villere Balanced Fund - it typically holds approximately 30 stocks of companies he believes are dominant in their field and trade at reasonable prices. He also shares his thoughts on Skyworks and other stocks he thinks fit the stock profile he looks for.

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Associated Press (11/3/16)
Fund managers: No, the election won't wreck your 401(k) As many investors worry that the election will ruin their 401(k), fund managers tend to agree that long-term investors shouldn’t fret, no matter who wins the White House. "It's hard to handicap how much of the rhetoric would translate to actual policy rather than just hyperbole," says Lamar Villere.

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Bloomberg Radio (10/27/16)
Bloomberg Markets: Young on Concentrated Investments In favor of smaller, unknown names, George Young sees these companies having more opportunity for growth. He tells Cory Johnson that he's willing to accept some volatility for the potential for more growth and emphasizes the importance of investing for the long-term.

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TheStreet (10/7/16)
4 Mid-Cap Stocks to Maximize Your Profits Lamar Villere provides insight on a few of his most valued stocks with Gregg Greenburg.
MoneyLife (10/6/16)
Market Call Sandy Villere talks investment methodology with Chuck Jaffe and offers "food for thought" on specific stocks.
CNBC (10/6/16)
Villere: We look for small-cap 'undiscovered gems' As a bottoms-up stock picker, Lamar Villere says he looks for undiscovered gems in the smaller cap market. He discusses a few small-cap stocks on "Closing Bell" with Bill Griffeth and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

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Villere Commentary (9/30/16)
2016 3Q Commentary - Where's the Volatility? After a wild second quarter in which investors found the Brexit vote terrifying, then boring, the third quarter was mostly conspicuous for a lack of volatility. We believe active management may be particularly important during relatively low volatility periods like the present.

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Nightly Business Report (9/23/16)
3 Small-Cap Stocks Worth Buying Now Note: Lamar Villere's interview runs from 17:50 to 20:56.

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CNBC (9/22/16)
Fed is likely to move in December George Young sees a rate hike in December as a positive. He believes an increase would express confidence in the economy.

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Reuters (9/14/16)
Market rally has U.S. fund managers eyeing smaller companies Sandy Villere is buying smaller companies as more investor money flows into dividend stocks such as telecoms and utilities. He says money going into bigger companies leaves opportunities in smaller companies with growth potential.
Barron's (8/26/16)
3 Small-Cap Stocks Worth Buying Now Sandy Villere, III believes small caps will continue to bounce back in 2016. He confers with Barron's Senior Editor, Jack Hough, about three small cap stocks that are in line with the strategy to find "out-of-favor small-caps with modest debt and plenty of cash flow, whose prices look reasonable relative to their growth potential."

Watch the interview >

Bloomberg Radio (8/24/16)
The Bloomberg Advantage: Villere Finds Benefit From Brexit Sandy Villere talks with Pimm Fox about the firm's bottoms up investment strategy and discusses some of his favorite stocks.

Listen to interview >
MarketWatch (8/9/16)
Stocks pare gains as oil reverses Lamar Villere says investors are chasing yield anywhere they can find it.
Moneyshow (8/8/16)
Villere's "Off the Radar" Values Sandy Villere discusses the Villere Balanced Fund and Villere Equity Fund, as well as stock picks he believes are "off the radar" of most Wall Street analysts.
CNBC (7/6/16)
Fed may raise rates this year In contrast with the rest of the world, George Young believes the U.S. economy is still relatively healthy. He's seeing stronger consumers, increasing housing starts, decreasing unemployment and good earnings trends. Although small and mid-cap stocks have underperformed over the last couple of years, he sees opportunities in the market.

Watch the interview >
Bloomberg Radio (6/30/16)
The Bloomberg Advantage: Young on U.S. Investing Strategy Focused on domestic, small and mid-cap stocks, George Young says the firm's portfolios are not affected by Brexit, however, they did see some opportunities as a result. He discusses a few stock picks on the Bloomberg Advantage with Carol Massar and Corey Johnson.

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Reuters (6/30/2016)
Cash-heavy mutual fund managers buying on 'Brexit' volatility George Young comments on the firm's recent buys as a result of the sell-off triggered by Britain's decision to leave the European Union.
Villere Commentary (6/30/16)
2016 2Q Commentary - Brexit Fears Spook Investors The second quarter started strong, but ended with eroding investor sentiment as a result of the Brexit vote. Long-term investors like Villere, however, watch patiently for those ripples to recede into the distance, secure in our knowledge that near-term volatility can signal opportunities may be at hand.

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CNBC (6/30/16)
Potential Growth Stocks Following England's recent decision to exit the European Union, George Young makes the case for domestic small and mid-cap stocks. Focusing on stocks that he believes have strong long-term potential, he looks for lesser-known, undervalued stocks that could grow to be more well-known. He shares his insight on a couple of stock picks with Bill Griffeth and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

Watch the interview >
CNBC (6/20/2016)
Riding the Brexit volatility wave Despite market volatility as a result of Brexit, Sandy Villere discusses his strategy to stay with what he views as good quality small-cap companies.
CNBC (6/16/2016)
Hurdles for stocks During tough times, Lamar Villere prefers to stay with smaller cap names that he believes have growth potential.
Reuters (6/14/2016)
U.S. fund managers' big new bet – going small Sandy Villere thinks that small companies stand to benefit if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates again this year, likely strengthening the dollar, cutting into the profits of multinational companies that generate more of their revenue overseas.
Bloomberg Radio (5/5/16)
The Bloomberg Advantage: Villere Makes Case for Small Caps With a long-term focus, Lamar Villere says the market conditions over the last couple of years have enabled Villere to buy what they consider to be really great companies with great balance sheets that are growing very rapidly at a nice discount. He discusses small caps and the market on the Bloomberg Advantage with Matt Miller.

Listen to interview >
CNBC (5/4/16)
Trump or Clinton portfolios? Lamar Villere discusses positioning investments depending on the outcome of the 2016 election with Tyler Mathisen. He thinks it's too early to base your portfolio on who might be the next president. He suggests sticking with just trying to pick the very best stocks.

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The Street (5/4/2016)
Four Mid-Cap Growth Stocks Lamar Villere comments on a few of his top stock picks with Gregg Greenberg.
CNBC (4/15/16)
Can earnings lift stock? In an unprecedented move, Villere has nominated a Board of Directors for Epiq Systems. As long-time shareholders, Villere believes a change in management has potential to significantly improve the company.

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Reuters (4/1/2016)
Now coming to your value fund: growth stocks U.S. market declines at the start of 2016 brought some stocks down to earth making them targets of value fund managers. "Traditionally it was pretty easy to draw the line between growth and more income-oriented stocks," said George Young. "Now all of a sudden you see these companies that are more growth-oriented start to look attractive as income plays."
Villere Commentary (3/31/16)
2016 1Q Commentary - Stock Picking Shined Villere Funds Commentary. Our extensive research leads us to an intimate understanding of the underlying factors that impact a company’s outlook. We continually evaluate growth prospects that others may overlook- evaluating their likelihood to turn into tomorrow's potential winners.

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CNBC (3/10/16)
Sandy Villere III on Small Cap Stocks With volatility in the global markets, Sandy Villere III thinks it makes sense to stay domestic due to stronger dollar. Although long-term small caps may be riskier, he believes they have potential to return more. He provides insight on a favorite stock pick.

Watch the interview >
TheStreet (3/10/2016)
Four Smart Small Caps Sandy Villere shares his insight on a few of his favorite stock picks with Gregg Greenberg.
Bloomberg Radio (3/4/16)
Sandy Villere III on Small Cap Stocks It's time for small caps to have their day in the sun in Sandy Villere III's opinion. He discusses the markets, current stock picks, and small-cap stocks with Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox. Strategically, he is looking for companies that dominate a particular niche and tries to find names largely unnoticed by Wall Street.

Listen to interview >
Press Release (2/2/16)
Schwab names Villere Balanced Fund (VILLX) to Mutual Fund OneSource Select Lists®. Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource Select Lists® are widely used by portfolio consultants and self-directed investors to help sort through the thousands of available mutual funds. To qualify, VILLX was scrutinized across a series of quantitative and qualitative metrics that consider performance, risk and expenses.

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Bloomberg (2/24/2016)
President Trump? Traders Aren't Sure How to Prep for That Oil has dominated day-to-day movements in equities and that relationship continues to overpower any potential political trade for the time being, says Sandy Villere. He believes that once oil settles down, people are going to start to focus on this presidential election even more so than they are today.
CNBC (2/16/2016)
Why small caps could pay off Sandy Villere thinks small companies have been overlooked and sees a lot of value in small caps. Considering that rates may not go up for a couple of years, he’s optimistic that lower rates for longer could help small caps and the market in general.
U.S. News & World Report (2/1/16)
5 Factors for Retirees to Consider for Their Investments When saving for retirement, Lamar Villere says investors are not necessarily best served by adhering to certain pieces of conventional wisdom. "The orthodoxy of holding every share of stock and only spending bond coupons and stock dividends can deprive investors of some very attractive opportunities."

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Money (1/26/2016)
Has Apple Peaked? As investors await Apple's pending earnings report, Lamar Villere comments on the tech company. "It's straightforward, high-cash, and high-profit margin, and yet it's valued as though it's going to be shrinking."
Kiplinger's (1/2016)
Five Stocks to Sell Now Lamar Villere says Spirit Airlines seems to be a struggling business as the airline's ultralow-fare model is under attack by other carriers.
CNBC (1/14/2016)
Investors aren't focused on the long term George Young says investing isn't gambling. It's important to look at the long-term. As a bottom-up investor, he’s focused on specific stocks rather than broad sectors and feels most comfortable investing domestically.

Watch the Interview >
Bloomberg TV (1/14/2016)
Navigating Volatility, Planning for the Long-Term Regarding tough equity market so far in 2016, George Young thinks it's important to remain optimistic and remember that investing is a long-term game. He believes there are always opportunities out there. He comments on a few specific stocks with Carol Massar and Cory Johnson.

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CNBC (1/6/2016)
2016 not an index fund type of year So far in 2016, Sandy Villere thinks it has been a tough market for small and mid-cap stocks but believes it can be a good market for stock-pickers focused on the good, quality companies.
Villere Commentary (12/31/15)
2015 4Q Commentary -- Maintaining Focus on Picking Stocks in Spite of Headwinds Villere Funds Commentary. We expect continued volatility as investors fret about the presidential race, movements in oil prices, and political unrest in the Middle East and elsewhere. Yet we remain laser focused on putting together a portfolio of our best ideas that we believe will outperform the overall market regardless of the macro environment.

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MoneyLife (12/22/15)
Market Call with Chuck Jaffe George Young talks with Chuck Jaffe about the firm's bottom-up investment methodology concentrating in domestic small and mid-cap stocks where he thinks there is more growth potential. He also provides his insight on a few stock picks.

Listen to Interview >
TheStreet (11/10/15)
Financial Engines, Taser Shares Will Rev Higher Lamar Villere talks with Gregg Greenberg about a few of his top stock picks. He thinks the acquisition of the Money Store by Financial Engines will add to the company's long term story. Bullish on Taser, he believes the long-term prospects for the company are in the body camera business.

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CNBC (11/10/15)
Small Caps: Villere Providing insight on small-cap stocks, Lamar Villere thinks the U.S. small-cap market is the place to be right now because it is an area of the market where investors might find some growth. In his opinion small-caps could be perceived as more safe from outside pressures.

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MoneyLife (10/20/15)
Market Call with Chuck Jaffe Sandy Villere talks with Chuck Jaffe about the firm's investment. He comments on a few favorite stocks and the consistency of the firm's sell discipline.
U.S. News & World Report (10/19/15)
What Investors Should Know About Small-Cap Stocks Lamar Villere shares his take on why investors often shy away from smaller stocks. Lack of familiarity in small-cap names as well as volatility can be deterrents for investors. Primarily concentrated in U.S. small-cap stocks, Villere helps his clients focus on the long-term outlook rather than looking at short-term volatility.

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CNBC (10/15/15)
Shocking small-cap stock Looking ahead, things should be better for small caps in Sandy Villere's opinion. He believes volatility will work for investors on the upside potential. He comments on specific small-cap stock picks with Amanda Drury.
The Wall Street Journal (10/5/15)
Stocks Climb on Bets that Fed Won't Act Too Soon Following recent rising U.S. stocks, Sandy Villere says he's looking for good companies that have been oversold due to market-driven forces. He sees this as a good opportunity to potentially take advantage of high-quality companies on a pullback.
Villere Commentary (9/30/15)
2015 3Q Commentary -- Maintaining Focus on Picking Stocks Villere Funds Commentary. As most investors and advisors undoubtedly know, the third quarter was an unusually volatile one for the U.S. and global markets. We view this environment as offering buying opportunities to invest in companies we believe have strong long-term potential to reward investors for their patience.

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Q&A with the Villere Fund Managers (9/23/15)
Should investors be worried about recent market volatility? We're telling our clients to be patient. It is not abnormal in a market to see volatility. This has happened forever, and it will continue to happen.

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MarketWatch (9/23/15)
Opinion: VW Stock
View the Interview
Following the recent Volkswagen emissions debacle, George Young provides his insight on buying opportunities that result from special situations that cause a company's stock price to drop. He looks at single events that are assessable and containable. Though he prefers small and mid-sized U.S. companies, he has purchased larger company stocks when the situation was appropriate.
Kiplinger's (9/2015)
A Tired Bull Trudges On

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The Villere Balanced Fund is highlighted among Hybrid Funds in the Kiplinger's annual mutual fund rankings. Diversified in both stocks and bonds, the Fund focuses on small and mid-cap companies.
CNBC (9/11/15)
The goldilocks trade: small, mid and big cap picks On the subject of where to put money to work right now, Lamar Villere prefers U.S. stocks with low debt, strong cash flow with a focus on small caps he plans to hold for five years or longer.
CNBC (9/11/15)
Pros debate best place to possibly put your money Lamar Villere discusses a few of his favorite small-cap stocks with Amanda Drury on CNBC's Power Lunch.
Barron's (9/1/15)
3 stocks to potentially buy on the dip
View the Interview
Sandy Villere discusses buying opportunities as a result of recent market dips. Being long term oriented allows Sandy to think five years down the road so if he finds a great company at a reasonable price he believes there is no reason not to buy it at those levels. He shares his thoughts on a few favored stocks with Jack Otter of Barron's.
CNBC (9/1/15)
Possible bargain picks for your cash Amid the recent selloff, Sandy Villere provides some investment ideas. He thinks if investors have a long-term horizon they should look at this market as a buying opportunity. He suggests looking for companies that dominate their niche and trade at reasonable prices, and buying for the long term.
Investment News (8/28/15)
Advisers look back on 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
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Reflecting on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 10 years later, Lamar Villere says that it will take more than a hurricane to move the firm. Although employees of St. Denis J. Villere & Co. were never able to return to the building the firm occupied 10 years ago, the 100-year old family run firm still operates in downtown New Orleans and has never considered leaving. "It's our home...we wouldn't know how to live anywhere else as a firm".
CNBC (8/24/15)
Panic and Volatility
View the Interview
Lamar Villere provides his interpretation of market action. Rather than deciding whether to be in or out of the market, Lamar thinks investors need to consider what exposures they want. He remains focused on long-term performance over short-term activity.
Money (8/14/15)
What to make of Apple's stock drop Following Apple's recent falling stock price, Lamar Villere shares his opinion. He thinks Apple's evolution into a mature company may provide investors with steady dividends and share buybacks, which might be the company's biggest selling point for investors today. As long as the iPhone maintains its current popularity, he doesn’t think the company needs a game-changer yet.
Bloomberg Radio (7/30/15)
Sandy Villere interviewed Sandy Villere interviewed live during the Sage Business Summit in New Orleans. He talks about the firm's background and investment strategy. He comments on a few of his favorite stock selections.
Barron's (7/30/15)
Three Tasty Stock Picks George Young provides insight on three of his top stock picks - automotive parts supplier LKQ, Flowers bakers, and Financial Engines, an independent investment adviser hired by US companies to provide retirement advice to employees.
CNBC (7/29/15)
How to potentially position your portfolio
Read more
George Young shares his thoughts on current positioning in the market. Nervous about interest rates, he says the Villere Balanced Fund's bond allocation is on the lower end. He seeks to find value in “other than dividend paying stocks” and small to mid-cap stocks.
TheStreet (7/29/15)
Financial Engines, Flowers Foods Ready to Run Says Villere Manager George Young discusses a few stock picks with Gregg Greenberg.
Bloomberg Radio (7/29/15)
Villere's Young on Strategies for Possible Picking Winning Stocks In the wake of the Fed's policy statement, George Young takes stock of the market. While he is concerned about interest rates going up, he remains optimistic and focused on investing for the long term.
Reuters (7/23/15)
Investors rethink stock valuations as China, growth weigh on prospects Lamar Villere believes rich valuations are making it harder to add new companies to his portfolio. He says that in a fully valued market, he's looking for "some temporary thing to happen to spook other investors and give us an opportunity to buy."
CNBC (7/1/15)
Want some growth: Pro Lamar Villere makes a case for small-cap investing.
Villere Commentary (6/30/15)
2015 2Q Commentary -- Long-term perspective keeps focus on short list of selections Villere Funds Commentary. While Greece may be in the news today, we are quite sure attention will turn back to the Fed tomorrow. Our philosophy doesn’t include worrying about what happens in Europe or the Fed. Instead, we rely on our long-term perspective to buy stocks that face the kind of short-term setbacks which might frighten average investors.

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MoneyShow (6/29/15)
Villere: A View on Value
A long-term value-oriented investor, George Young focuses on 20 to 25 select investments. He explains his investment approach and discusses a few top holdings with Steven Halpern.
The Wall Street Journal (6/26/15)
Stocks Post Declines for the Week
Sandy Villere comments on the rebalance of the Russell Investments stock indexes. "Stocks that have been losers could go down further and stocks that have been winners could get rebalanced up."
CNBC (6/23/15)
A Tale of 2 Caps
In this current market environment, Sandy Villere says he prefers small-cap and domestic stocks.
Forbes (6/16/15)
4 Small-Cap Stocks That Dominate Their Niche And Trade At Reasonable Multiples
Sandy Villere thinks 2015 will be more small-cap oriented with a focus on American stocks. He looks for smaller cap stocks that dominate a particular niche, trade at reasonable multiples relative to growth, and have high barriers to entry. He discusses specific small-cap stocks with Wally Forbes in this profile interview.
MarketWatch (6/8/15)
How to potentially make money on expensive art if you aren't a millionaire; Shares of Sotheby's enable you to tap into growing global wealth
George Young comments on Sotheby’s new management. "You have a younger group of managers who understand the power of the Internet, and I think they are going to explore and exploit that."
CNBC (6/2/15)
Small Caps: Bull vs. Bear Lamar Villere prefers small caps and the potential opportunity to grow over large, mature companies that don't have a lot of runway. Although the overall market has gotten expensive, he still sees interesting opportunities and says it's critical to be selective in which stocks will make up the 20 to 25 names in his portfolio.

View Video >
Pensions & Investments (6/1/15)
Boutique firms wait patiently for a return to active strategies
Branding and advertising is valuable for small, boutique firms in George Young's opinion. He thinks having good performance is important but if institutional investors don't know about it then it doesn’t matter much.
Bloomberg Radio (5/28/15)
The Bloomberg Advantage: Weddings Helping Men's Wearhouse
As bottom-up stock picker, Lamar Villere thinks being based in the south allows for a more focused investment mindset vs. a "groupthink" mentality. He discusses investing for the long-term and looking for an attractive entry point with Carol Massar and Vonnie Quinn. He believes small-caps are where investors have room to grow right now. He also shares his insight on a few stock selections.
The Wall Street Transcript (4/27/15)
Building a Concentrated Portfolio with a Focus on Small and Mid-Cap Names
Sandy Villere believes the strategy to have a concentrated portfolio with under 25 small to mid-cap companies that dominate their niche, have good balance sheets, strong cash flow, low debt, and have high barriers to entry is what sets the firm apart.
Reuters (4/27/15)
With Nasdaq at records, investors ask what's next for tech
On the subject of technology, Sandy Villere says he’s looking for tech companies that dominate a niche. He believes the back office technology niche is growing.
Bloomberg (4/23/15)
How Not to Diversify and Other Lessons of the Tech Bubble
Convinced companies needed to make money to stay in business, George Young avoided technology stocks two decades ago during the dotcom bubble.
Bloomberg Radio (4/16/15)
Taking Stock

Listen to interview >
Sandy Villere thinks 2014 was an anomaly for small and mid-cap stocks but believes 2015 will be a better year. Despite the setback in 2014, the investment strategy remains the same today as when the firm was founded in 1911. He talks with Michael McKee and Carol Masser about the Villere Balanced Fund and a few stock selections.
Business News Network (4/16/15)
"Buy cheap and hold" - U.S. mid cap picks

Watch the interview >
Sandy Villere prefers small to mid-cap companies where he can meet with management and better understand and analyze the business. He shares his investment style to buy companies that he thinks have a cloud over them over the short-term, but have long-term potential; dominate their niche, and have very high barriers to entry.
Villere Commentary (3/31/15)
2015 1Q Commentary Having some concern that the stock market rally must eventually end, we are being exceedingly cautious in deploying your capital. We continue to search for companies that remain cheap or misunderstood, where we believe we are able to identify hidden value.

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CNBC (3/25/15)
Stocks sell off: Two pros pick stocks
Sandy Villere thinks investors should consider buying in this market dip and shares his top stock picks.
Fox Business (3/24/15)
How to play U.S. equities
George Young thinks investing in U.S. equities is the way to go for the long term.
CNBC (3/20/15)
Nightly Business Report

Watch the interview >
Considering the overall global economy, Sandy Villere prefers U.S. stocks. He thinks small caps should outperform large caps in the long term. He comments on a few of his top stock picks with Sue Herera and Tyler Mathisen.

Note: Sandy Villere's interview runs from 8:50 to 13:10.
Kapitall Wire (3/20/15)
Growth potential: George Young talks small- and mid-cap stocks

Watch the interview >
George Young discusses the history of the firm as well as the strategies of the Balanced and Equity Funds. Aiming to buy and hold for the long term, he says it's important to earn your clients' trust and communicate your strategy, so they know they're not missing out on short-term opportunities for no reason.
CNN Money (3/10/15)
The dollar is crushing other currencies With the dollar trading at 12-year highs, many investors are selling off stocks. George Young says one way investors might protect themselves from the strong dollar is to look for smaller companies that don't depend as much on international markets for growth.
MoneyShow (3/9/15)
Villere and the Value of Concentration Sandy Villere elaborates on the investment strategy of maintaining a highly concentrated portfolio, focused on stocks that dominate specific market niches.
TheStreet (2/26/15)
Financial Engines, Men's Wearhouse Look Smart Says Villere Manager

  Watch the interview >
George Young expresses why he likes Financial Engines, Men's Wearhouse, and DST with Gregg Greenberg.
Fox Business (2/25/15)
Economy strong enough to support the equity prices On After the Bell, George Young comments on the oil sector and expresses interest in oil service companies.
Fox Business (2/23/15)
Countdown to the closing bell

  Watch the interview >
Lamar Villere discusses where he is looking to invest in today's market. He thinks there's still value to be had in the small cap area. He also comments on a few stock selections with Liz Claman.
MoneyLife (2/4/15)
Market Call with Chuck Jaffe Sandy Villere talks with Chuck Jaffe about the firm's methodology and buy and sell strategy. He comments on the energy sector and provides insight on a selection of stocks.
AP (1/15/15)
Energy Stocks: Buy low or get out of the way? With the uncertainty of the price of oil, Lamar Villere says he’s lightening up on energy stocks.
Bloomberg (1/14/15)
Taking Stock Lamar Villere discusses investing in small cap stocks.
CNBC (1/14/15)
Finding value in volatility

Watch the interview >
Volatility is an opportunity according to Lamar Villere. He sees volatile markets as a good time to find value. On the subject of oil stocks, he thinks investors should have some exposure given the tendency for sudden fluctuations.
Fox Business (1/13/15)
How to invest in the volatile new year Sandy Villere shares his investment strategy for 2015 with CNBC's Liz Claman. He's targeting small and mid-cap companies that dominate their niche in sectors that are out of favor and where there's value in the market. He also provides his insight on a few of his favorite stocks.
Fox Business (1/8/15)
Five Stock Picks for the New Year Sandy Villere comments on 3D Systems. He believes the company will start to see the benefit of several acquisitions in 2014.
Villere Commentary (12/31/15)
2014 4Q Commentary We are committed to our discipline and staying the course through 2015.

Read More >
Forbes (12/23/14)
Gilead Sciences, Lockheed Martin And 5 Other Stocks Set For A Slide In 2015 Sandy Villere comments on the type of companies he will be looking at in 2015.
Forbes (12/23/14)
3D Systems, Amazon And McDonald's Sandy Villere thinks 3D Systems will rebound in 2015. He believes the company was unfairly punished due to perceived competition and Wall Street misunderstanding what the company can do.
Fox Business (12/23/14)
2015 Investment Playbook

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George Young believes that interest rates at historic lows can fuel the market. He sees value in small and mid-cap stocks and thinks there is a lot of room for those stocks to grow. He discusses a few companies he views as opportunities in the year ahead.
Barron's (12/12/14)
Villere's Top Picks Include Sanchez Energy, 3D Systems In this Barron's feature article, Sandy Villere discusses the strategy of the Villere Balanced Fund to focus on a small number of small and medium sized companies that are growing and have a dominant market share in their industry. He also shares his top five stock picks.

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CNBC (12/4/14)
Market impact of low oil Sandy Villere discusses the impact of lower oil on the U.S. economy and markets.
Bloomberg (11/26/14)
Conn's Offers a Bargain for Buyout Firms Lamar Villere comments on Conn's. He sees the potential for a private equity buyout.
Fox Business (11/25/14)
Should you buy small-caps for your portfolio? Sandy Villere prefers stocks that he believes are cheap, out of favor, and not very popular. He thinks small cap stocks fit these criteria. He discusses energy and housebuilding with Liz Clamen on Countdown to the Closing Bell.
Bloomberg (11/22/14)
U.S. Stocks Climb for 5th Week on Economy, Bank Stimulus As signs indicate that the U.S. economy is improving and stimulus measures are in place from China to Europe, Sandy Villere thinks the belief that easy money continues will prop up the market.
The Street (11/20/14)
3D Systems, Sanchez Energy Still Super Says Villere Fund Manager Sandy Villere shares his perspective on three stock picks with Gregg Greenberg. He credits looking at the sum of all parts, investing for the long term, and selecting strong companies who are more likely to recover from a downturn as reasons why he holds certain stocks.
Special Commentary (11/14)
A Balanced Fund with Attitude: A Letter to Advisors. A special commentary to provide context regarding the Fund's recent performance.

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CNBC (10/21/14)
George Young interviewed live on Squawk Box

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A long-term investor, George Young says he prefers unfashionable equities at the moment. He explains why he favors domestic, smaller companies with potential room to grow over time on CNBC's Squawk Box.
CNBC (10/17/14)
Need courage to buy this dip

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Lamar Villere discusses the disconnect between large and small caps. He believes the market rebound provides an opportunity for investors to buy small cap stocks.
CNBC (10/9/14)
Icahn overly optimistic on Apple: Pro George Young comments on the market and provides his thoughts on the Apple stock buy-back.
Wall Street Journal (10/1/14)
Stocks Tumble: Small Caps in Correction Territory Sandy Villere comments the recent tumble in U.S. stocks. He expects more bumpy trading from U.S. stocks but thinks U.S. economic growth looks stronger than growth overseas.
MoneyShow (9/26/14)
Long-Term Value with Villere

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Lamar Villere talks about the firm's underlying strategy of maintaining a long-term focus and concentrated portfolio. He also highlights some favorite investment ideas with Steven Halpern.
Kiplinger's (9/14)
The Bull Keeps Charging

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The Villere Balanced Fund is spotlighted among Hybrid Funds in Kiplinger's annual rankings. Diversified in both stocks and bonds, the Fund focuses on small and mid-cap companies.
Fox Business (9/11/14)
Taking a bottom up approach to stock picking Essentially a perma-bull since mid-2009, Sandy Villere feels good about the market longer-term. He discusses a bottom-up investment strategy and stock picks with Lori Rothman.
CNBC (9/11/14)
Best energy bets Lamar Villere comments on his top energy stock selections on CNBC's Street Signs.
CBS Money Watch (8/27/14)
Fund manager's favorite growth stock picks Lamar Villere shares his market outlook with Amey Stone and comments on a few favorite stocks. He sees value in small-cap stocks for potential long-term growth.
CNBC (8/25/14)
Nightly Business Report Following the S&P 500 breaking the 2,000 mark for the first time, Sandy Villere shares his thoughts on the market.
CNBC (8/25/14)
S&P Tops 2,000 Sandy Villere provides his insight on strategies to play the S&P 500’s record high.
CNBC (8/21/14)
If rates go higher...

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An eternal optimist when it comes to investing, George Young believes we’ll see more upside potential in the market. He comments on stock picks he thinks can weather higher interest rates.
Money Life (8/21/14)
Market Call with Chuck Jaffe Sandy Villere talks with Chuck Jaffe about methodology, the market, and stock picks.
CNBC (8/20/14)
Stock picks post-Fed minutes Lamar Villere discusses how the Fed's minutes could impact the markets.
MarketWatchRadio (8/20/14)
Stocks pause after two days of gains During Morning Stock Talk with Larry Kofsky, Lamar Villere provides his thoughts on the market.
TheStreet (8/20/14)
Sanchez, 3D Systems Set to Breakout Lamar Villere discusses a few stock picks with Gregg Greenburg.
CNBC (8/12/14)
Global risk playbook Sandy Villere thinks the geo-political tension in the markets provides good buying opportunities.
Reuters (7/31/14)
Investment Strategies Although the market may seem stagnant, Sandy Villere thinks it's a stock-picker's market and favors quality, undervalued securities. He discusses the Villere Balanced Fund and a few stock picks with Rhonda Schaffler.
CNBC (7/31/14)
Trading Thursday's selloff Lamar Villere comments on the market's recent selloff with CNBC's Sue Herara.
CNBC (7/11/14)
Bulls run for stocks beginning to wane

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Following a volatile week in the market, Sandy Villere shares his current market position with Sue Herara. He thinks the market may pull back, but from much higher levels than current. He would use the opportunity to buy good quality growth companies at reasonable prices.
Fox Business (6/27/14)
Stocks vs Bonds

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With interest rates at historic lows, Sandy Villere believes now is the time to sell bonds and try to increase equity exposure.
The Wall Street Journal (6/24/14)
Real Estate's Rise Calls for Inspection Sandy Villere provides his thoughts on a real estate stock.
Barron's (6/24/14)
3 Earnings Powerhouses The Villere Balanced Fund is featured in this issue of Barron’s. Sandy Villere discusses the “go anywhere” strategy of the Fund to find attractive growth stocks. He also shares his insight on a few of his favorite stock picks
Bloomberg (6/18/14)
Equity ETFs Lag Behind Bonds by Most in Four Years George Young thinks that improving growth from housing and employment may sustain the bull market in stocks and stoke inflation, making bonds less attractive.
MoneyLife (6/16/14)
Market Call with Chuck Jaffe George Young discusses methodology, market conditions, and stock picks with Chuck Jaffe.
Reuters (6/10/14)
B/E Aerospace to split into 2 companies to attract suitors Sandy Villere comments on B/E Aerospace.
CNBC (6/6/14)
Triple Crown Stock Bets Sandy Villere provides his thoughts on stocks investors should consider ahead of the weekend's Triple Crown horse race.
Bloomberg Radio (5/29/14)
Villere's Young Sees Optimism in Market

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George Young discusses the strategy and philosophy of the Balanced Fund with Carol Massar and Pimm Fox. His market outlook remains optimistic with a long-term perspective. He also comments on a few stock picks.
TheStreet (5/29/14)
Step Into Sanchez, Dive Into Pool Corp. and Scoop Up 3D Systems George Young talks with Gregg Greenberg about a few stock selections.
CNBC (5/29/14)
Bottom-up stock picking George Young interviewed live by Sue Herera about stocks he finds attractive in this market.
Bloomberg Businessweek (5/8/14)
B/E Aerospace's Unmatched Growth Augurs Costliest Deal George Young comments on recent B/E Aerospace activity.
Reuters (5/5/14)
Recaro eyes assets as B/E Aerospace explores sale George Young comments on recent B/E Aerospace activity.
CNBC (5/2/14)
Pros top picks: Wire Encore & Pool Corp Lamar Villere provides his top stock picks following the day’s jobs report.
CNBC (5/2/14)
Why Villere likes 3D Systems

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Lamar Villere provides three reasons why he thinks people are shorting 3D Systems. He believes this is a great opportunity and time to invest in the 3D printing arena.
CNBC (4/22/14)
Einhorn's New Course Sandy Villere shares his thoughts on Greenlight Capital's new stake in Conn's.
CNBC (4/17/14)
Nightly Business Report Optimistic about stocks and not worried about the recent sell-off, Sandy Villere thinks the market dip is a buying opportunity and that investors should focus on individual stocks. He shares his insight on a few stock picks with Tyler Mathisen and Susie Gharib.
CNBC (4/11/14)
Get it on the Dip Sandy Villere discusses the market dip and which stocks he believes present value now.
Fox Business (3/21/14)
Three Stock Picks to Sweeten Your Portfolio Looking at what the market may have in store for 2014, Lamar Villere discusses strategy as well as a few stock picks with Cheryl Casone. He says the key is stock picking, really researching companies and understanding their management.
TheStreet (3/21/14)
Big Returns Will Bloom at Flowers Foods, Edwards Lifesciences Sandy Villere shares his thoughts on a few stock picks with Gregg Greenburg.
Financial Planning
Family-Style Success

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The Villere family business' 103-year-old tradition is featured in Financial Planning. The profile article highlights the family-run business that consistently emphasizes investing for the long-term and using a growth-at-a-reasonable-price style.
CNBC (3/20/14)
Spring stocks set to bloom On the first day of spring, Sandy Villere provides insight on his stock picks for warmer weather.
MarketWatch Radio (3/10/14)
Stocks begin the week with a modest pullback George Young comments on the stock market following disappointing economic news from China and worries about Ukraine.
CNBC (3/4/14)
Stock picks for next 5 years Five years since the market bottom, George Young shares his top stock picks for the next 5 years.
CNBC (2/27/14)
Conn's down 44.5% in one month. Sandy Villere comments on the seasonal impact on Conn's business.
Reuters (2/20/14)
Wealth Strategies Sandy Villere thinks we are in a bond bear market and believes it could last a few years. He discusses fund strategy and a few stock picks with Rhonda Schaffler.
MoneyLife (2/17/14)
Market Call with Chuck Jaffe Sandy Villere talks with Chuck Jaffe about methodology, the market, and stock picks.
MarketWatch Radio (2/11/14)
Stocks extend rally as Yellen testifies Lamar Villere says investors need to keep an eye on the Fed in the coming months.
Fox Business (2/11/14)
The Yellen Effect Optimistic on the stock market, Sandy Villere would rather play offense than defense and looks to stocks for the long term.
TheStreet (2/11/14)
TheStreet TV with Gregg Greenberg Lamar Villere comments on how various market activity provided a perfect entry point to purchase LKQ Corp. He also provides insight on other stocks with Gregg Greenburg.
CNBC (1/30/14)
Focus on domestic economy Discussing investment strategy and opportunity in emerging markets, George Young plans to stick with domestic stocks as the U.S. economy gets stronger.
Bloomberg (1/28/14)
U.S. Stocks Retreat Following S&P 500’s Worst Week Since 2012 Sandy Villere comments on the recent decline of the stock market. “The market is volatile and it just feels like a lot of scared buyers are out there,” he says.
Wall Street Shuffle (1/25/14)
Wall Street Shuffle Radio Show with Dan Stewart As a small-cap manager, Sandy Villere looks for companies that dominate a niche and haven't made it on people's radar yet. He talks about investment strategy and stock picks with Dan Stewart.
CNBC (1/24/14)
Traders looking for reason to sell top

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On the topic of weak emerging markets, as a small-cap manager, Lamar Villere remains focused on the long-term with more exposure to the U.S. market. He sees the current market movement as a buying opportunity.
CNBC (1/14/14)
Are stocks overvalued? Sandy Villere shares his thoughts on the stock market on Street Signs. He believes that stocks are not overvalued.
Reuters (12/30/13)
Are the markets broken? Looking to 2014, George Young thinks the economy will continue to do well and sees a lot of room for growth. He also discusses a few stock picks with Rhonda Schaffler.
Fox Business (12/12/13)
Are the markets broken? George Young talks about the state of the market. As an optimistic long-term investor, he thinks there is a lot of opportunity in the market. He discusses signs that the economy is improving.
TheStreet (12/12/13)
Quick Take: Retail Sales Climb as Jobless Claims Surge In 2014 George Young expects consumers will continue to spend and the jobs numbers will improve.
CNBC (12/3/13)
December best month for markets: Pro Sandy Villere shares his thoughts on what he thinks is in store for 2014.
Reuters (11/19/13)
Analysis: Some funds lift cash levels as U.S. stocks' reversal feared Looking ahead to 2014, Sandy Villere is concerned about rich valuations, which has prompted a rise in the level of cash in the Villere Balanced Fund.
Bloomberg (11/16/13)
U.S. Stocks Rally for 6th Week Sandy Villere comments on the market. He thinks bargains are hard to find with many companies getting a little bit over-extended..
CNBC (11/14/13)
How's this Market Not a Bubble?

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Sandy Villere shares his market outlook with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo and Bill Griffeth following Janet Yellen's testimony. He thinks interest rates will remain low and stock picking will be important.
TheStreet (11/14/13)
Stick with Sotheby's, Conn's

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Sandy Villere provides his insight on a few stock picks with Gregg Greenburg on The Street's Financial Advisor Forum.
TheStreet (10/21/13)
Tech, Energy Favored in Search for Market Value As the market shrugged off the debt ceiling Sandy Villere says he's playing the offensive rather than the defensive with regard to equities.
CNBC (10/11/13)
Buy European equities: Jack Ablin Although the debt ceiling default grows near, Sandy Villere thinks investors should be playing offense rather than defense.
MoneyLife (10/10/13)
Market Call with Sandy Villere Sandy Villere discusses the firm's investment style with Chuck Jaffe. He also comments on a few favorite stocks.
Wall Street Journal (10/9/13)
Villere Balanced Fund Looks to Put Cash to Work

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George Young discusses Villere Balance Fund’s current investment approach – long-term, optimistic investors with bottom-up approach to stocks, shorter-term on bonds, and ready to put cash to work in right opportunity – with Daisy Maxey on Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Management segment.
CNBC (10/1/13)
Emerging markets, best returns: Pro George Young discusses how the government shutdown is impacting the market.
Fox Business (9/20/13)
Stocks to Buy Now George Young thinks it is important to have diversification and stocks that complement each other when creating a portfolio. He discusses a few stock picks with Adam Shapiro on Fox Business.
Associated Press (9/12/13)
As Market Rises, Some Funds are Holding on to Cash

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Sandy Villere discusses recent move to sell stocks and hold cash. Fewer stocks are meeting his criteria of high earnings growth and low stock prices relative to earnings.
CNBC (8/27/13)
5-Star stock picks: 3D Systems, Flowers, Foods & more Sandy Villere, III likes companies that save their customers money and dominate their niche. He shares his insight on a few of his favorite stock picks on CNBC's Street Signs
CNBC (8/22/13)
Nasdaq update: Full trading to resume at 3:25 PM Interviewed during the three-hour NASDAQ shutdown, Sandy Villere, III shares his sentiment on what to do when trading resumes. Long-term oriented, Sandy thinks investors should stick with the companies they love and are comfortable with.
Bloomberg Markets (8/2013)
Strategies Profile: Spotting Undiscovered Growth Bloomberg Markets features the Villere Balanced Fund in an interview with Sandy Villere, III. Sandy discusses the Villere process for seeking growth potential among undiscovered companies.
CNBC (7/29/13)
Eat, Pray, Love Stocks

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Sandy Villere, III provides insight on a few stock picks with Brian Sullivan on CNBC's Street Signs
CNBC (7/17/13)
Stocks Trade Tightly After Bernanke Testimony According to George Young, a quiet market means that investors are being more rational about how they invest their money. He remains nervous about bonds and focused on investing for the long-term.
CNBC (6/28/13)
Closing Bell Exchange Sandy Villere shares his thoughts on whether or not volatility will continue in the second half of the year.
Fortune (6/25/13)
5 Great Stocks For the Long Haul Sandy Villere comments on Pool Corp.
Financial Advisor Magazine (6/19/13)
Coming Back To The Potential "Staying" Power Of Equities George Young’s commentary on equities is featured.
Reuters (6/19/13)
Wealth Strategies: Despite issues, still upside for Carnival

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George Young looks for companies that stand apart from their peers. He discusses a few stock selections with Rhonda Schaffler.
TheStreet (6/12/13)
Some Top Funds Are Dumping Bonds Sandy Villere comments on the bond market as it relates to the Villere Balanced Fund.
CNBC (6/5/13)
Investors Should Look Long Term George Young stands by the credo to not worry about day-to-day volatility but rather look to the long term.
TheStreet (6/5/13)
Dive into Pool Corp, Sotheby's George Young discusses his favorite stocks with Gregg Greenburg.
CNBC (5/31/13)
Markets Sell Off As May Wraps Up As May comes to an end, Sandy Villere plans to avoid defensive sectors and stick with good quality growth companies at reasonable prices.
Mutual Fund Wire (5/31/13) A Big Easy Shop Eases into Equities The newly launched Villere Equity Fund is profiled.
Press Release (5/31/13)
Introducing VLEQX

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Launch of Villere Equity Fund; new fund seeks to offer investors an opportunity to participate in the equities surge of today's markets. Full release; according to George Young, the new Villere Equity Fund may be best suited to investors looking for long-term capital growth potential with an emphasis on opportunities from small and mid-size companies.
CNBC (5/23/13)
Tomorrow in :30 Sandy Villere comments on what he expects to see happen with tomorrow's trading. He remains more long term than short term.
MoneyLife (5/21/13)
Market Call with George Young Although the market is hitting new highs making undiscovered gems harder to find, George Young thinks there is always something to find.
CCTV (5/14/13)
Sandy Villere on U.S. Labor and Job Markets

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Sandy Villere discusses the U.S. labor and job markets with Michelle Makori. He believes the unemployment rate is a lagging indicator of the market and that the Fed needs to carefully balance out the removal of artificial stimulus.
CNBC (5/14/13)
Closing Bell Exchange

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Sandy Villere talks with CNBC's Bill Griffeth and Kayla Tausche about where the market stands. He thinks the market looks cheap with plenty of cash on the sidelines and room on the upside.
Bloomberg (4/26/13)
PepsiCo Snacking on Mondelez Appeals to Holders: Real M&A Sandy Villere thinks the combined entity of Mondelez and PepsiCo would be welcomed by shareholders.
Forbes (4/22/13)
A Monopoly, A Duopoly, And A Flyer Although nervous about interest rates, George Young is enthusiastic about the economy. He discusses the Villere Balanced Fund and a few stock picks with Wallace Forbes.
All in the Family Barron's profile article highlights the Villere family business' 102-year-old tradition and the genesis of the Villere Balanced Fund in 1999. George Young emphasizes their philosophy of looking for companies that provide growth at a reasonable price.
Financial Times (4/4/13)
Correction Time for US Small Caps Sandy Villere comments on the small cap market.
CNBC (3/28/13)
Tomorrow in :30 Sandy Villere discusses stock pick, Conns, in under 30 seconds.
Reuter's (3/22/13)
Wealth Strategies: Now's the Time for Investors to Take Risk Sandy Villere believes there may be a bond market bubble and that stocks are a better place to be. He thinks now is a time for investors to "play offense" and be more exposed to stocks than bonds. He also discusses a few stock selections with Reuter's Rhonda Shaffler.
Reuters TV (3/22/13)
Take 120 George Young comments on 3D Systems as a long-term investment.
Fox Business (3/18/13)
Will Cyprus Have Long-Lasting Effects? George Young remains bullish on the market and sees Cyprus as the "crisis du jour".
Bloomberg TV (3/18/13)
Where to Hide in Uncertain Times During Bloomberg Television's "Street Fighters" segment, Sandy Villere discusses where he believes is the best place to invest during uncertain times.
Bloomberg TV (3/18/13)
How to Beat Inflation On "Chart Attack," Sandy Villere looks at investing in small stocks during an interview with Bloomberg's Adam Johnson.
TheStreet (3/15/13)
Conns, Sotheby's Worth a Bid George Young talks with Gregg Greenburg about a few stock picks.
Benzinga (3/7/13)
Is "That" a Good Return? The Facts Behind Home Price Appreciation George Young covers the true cost of homeownership including the Rule of 72, interest, inflation, taxes and more. He reiterates the importance of diversification.
Forbes (2/19/13)
The Easy Money Is Made, Dig Deeper for Bets on the Housing Recovery On the topic of housing-related investments, Sandy Villere and George Young comment on Leggett & Platt, producer of components and products often found in homes and offices.
Kiplinger's Personal Finance (2/13) A Balanced Fund On The Edge Villere Balanced Fund VILLX Listed as one of the Moderate – Balanced Funds.
MoneyLife (1/24/13)
Market Call with George Young George Young thinks investors should stick with what they know. He shares his thoughts on the market, the investment strategy of the Villere Balanced Fund, as well as sector and stock picks with Chuck Jaffe.
Reuters (1/22/13)
Analysis: Apple earnings need to overcome technical malaise Contrary to current market sentiment regarding Apple shares, Sandy Villere believes it is a buying opportunity. The Villere Balanced Fund added more shares as the price of the stock fell despite the trend to be light in Apple shares.
CNBC (1/14/13)
Checking Market Pulse Despite a debt ceiling and anemic growth in the global economy, George Young thinks there are still good markets to be found. He comments on the use of active fund management and where the Villere Balanced Fund is allocating capital.
Benzinga (1/2/13)
New Year's Resolution: Roth Rollover George Young weighs the benefits and drawbacks of a Roth conversion. While recent political and economic events may leave investors feeling powerless over their portfolios, Young says maximizing the value of a Roth IRA conversion is one investing option where investors still have control.
CNBC (12/19/12)
Deal By the 11th Hour? Sandy Villere, III shares his thoughts on the market uncertainty and lack of resolution to the fiscal cliff during an interview with Maria Bartiromo on the Closing Bell Exchange.
Wall Street Week (12/19/12)
Great Companies, At The Right Price

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George Young and Sandy Villere, III speak with Al Berkeley on Wall Street Week. George Young and Sandy Villere, III discuss the methodology of the Villere Balanced Fund and share insight on several stock picks. They also further detail their investing process and explain why they see Sotheby's as an attractive long-term opportunity.
Bloomberg TV (12/19/12)
Street Fighters

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George Young appears on Street Fighters segment, hosted by Trish Regan, to discuss the impact of the fiscal cliff on the markets.
Benzinga (12/10/12)
Annual Gift Exclusions Offer Tax Benefits George Young is profiled as a guest columnist and shares his insights on year-end gift exclusions.
CNBC (12/6/12)
Bullish Sentiment at 8-Month Highs During an interview with Maria Bartiromo on the Closing Bell Exchange session, George Young emphasizes remaining focused on strong domestic and long-term investment opportunities.
CNBC (11/29/12) Tomorrow In 30 Seconds Sandy Villere discusses market impact of third quarter GDP and fiscal cliff status.
Wall Street Report (11/23/12)
Will Natural Gas Be The Next Boon For The Us?

Watch the Video >
George Young discusses the Natural Gas impact on the US Economy with Jennifer Schonberger.
CNN Money (11/20/12) Worst May Finally Be Over George Young discusses Apple.
Moneylife Radio Show (11/16/12) Sandy Villere Guest Speaker Sandy Villere interviewed about investment process and discusses current stock picks.
Barron's (11/15/12) Visa Hold Most Of The Cards George Young comments on Visa stock.
Marketwatch (11/13/12)
Top 15 Ria Firms In The New Orleans Area

Full article >
Villere & Co., Takes the Top Spot With $1.5B in Total Assets Under Management.
Benzinga (10/25/12)
Getting Diversification Right

Full article >
George Young discusses diversification strategies for investors.
Fox Business TV (10/11/12)
Invest In Industrial, Technology Stocks, Avoid Safe Havens

Full interview >
(10/11/12) Sandy Villere, III appears on Fox Business TV hosted by Liz Claman. He discusses avoiding safe havens and investing in industrials & technology. He also shares his optimistic view for 2013 and long-term investing.
Barron's (10/2/12)
Shining a Light on Great Overlooked Stocks A Q & A interview with Sandy Villere highlights the Villere Balanced Fund and the investment philosophy for growth at a reasonable price by finding stocks that dominate their niche and are often overlooked by Wall Street. He also provides his thoughts on some small-cap names.
Bloomberg (9/19/12)
Stocks Advance On Housing Data As Oil Slumps On Supplies

Full article >
George Young comments on the U.S. economy following an increase in home sales that he believes should improve investor confidence. He believes that the low interest-rate environment created by the Fed is beginning to inject some strength into the minds of consumers.
CNBC (9/13/12)
30 Seconds On The Clock George Young talks with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo about investing in retail sales and its potential negative impact in bond value.
Fox Business (8/31/12)
Investing in Stocks that Dominate their Sector

Full interview >
Sandy Villere, III talks with Cheryl Casone of Fox Business about the types of companies he's looking for - those that dominate their category, are good, high-margin businesses, and shy away from debt. He also shares his insight on a few stock picks.
CNBC (8/2/12)
Opportunities to find Diamonds in the Rough

Full interview >
Based on recent market activity, Sandy Villere, III is focusing more domestically and sees value in the market, providing opportunities to find diamonds in the rough - companies that are reasonably priced relative to growth and dominate their niche. He talks with CNBC's Brian Sullivan and Amanda Drury on "Street Signs".
CNBC (6/14/12)
Tackling These Challenging Markets George Young talks with CNBC's Carl Quintanilla about investing in these challenging markets. He remains focused on investing for the long-term and looking for companies that have room to grow in the market by offering products and services that may be considered necessary.
CNBC (6/8/12)
Time to Switch from Defensive Investing

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Sandy Villere, III thinks it's time to switch from defensive investing to more aggressive by finding good companies at reasonable prices that dominate their niche and buying growth stocks rather than playing defense with the masses. He also believes that there's a bubble in treasuries and gold and that they're going to pop.
CCTV Biz Asia America (6/6/12)
Investing in These Volatile Times Sandy Villere, III shares his insights on the market with CCTV's Michelle Makori. He thinks it's too late to play defense and that investors should be looking for growth opportunities. He believes the market will go back up once Europe is straightened out, that there is value in energy, and that now is not a good time to be in gold or treasuries.

Note: Sandy Villere's interview runs from 29:30 to 32:30.
Bloomberg (6/6/12)
The Cost of Missing Out Rather than trying to time the market, Sandy Villere, III believes it's better to be a long-term investor. On "Chart Attack", he talks with Bloomberg's Matt Miller about the cost of missing out on the market. He feels that investors should get in and stay in to avoid missing out on long term returns.
Money Life Market Call (5/7/12) Finding a Balance in Today's Market George Young discusses the methodology of the Villere Balanced Fund with Chuck Jaffe. He reiterates the Fund's focus on a long-term perspective to balance out market volatility and finding companies that should perform well in any given environment.
CNBC (5/2/12)
What's Next for Equities?

Full interview >
George Young shares his thoughts on the equity market with CNBC's Carl Quintanilla. He thinks U.S. stocks are a better place to be than bonds or global equities for investors who can withstand a bit of volatility.
CNBC (4/24/12)
Apple's Growth Opportunities

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Sandy Villere, III discusses Apple's growth opportunities with Maria Bartiromo. He thinks the opportunities are overseas and that the company will continue to grow nicely because it constantly reinvents itself.
CNBC (4/18/12)
Looking For Companies That Dominate Their Niche

Full interview >
Sandy Villere, III likes the contrarian strategy of finding companies that dominate their niche and haven't yet been discovered by Wall Street and plans to stick with it. He also discusses a few stock picks with Kelly Evans.
CNBC (3/13/12)
Five-Star Managers Talk Stocks and Bonds

Full interview >
George Young discusses recent market activity with Amanda Drury reiterating the importance of investing for the long-term and accepting volatility as part of the investment process. He also discusses a couple stock picks.
Fox Business (3/9/12)
Making Your Investment Strategy Work

Full interview >
Sandy Villere, III shares his insights on stock picks that meet the criteria for the firm's investment strategy of price-to-earnings ratio relative to growth, low debt, strong cash flow, and companies that dominate in a particular niche during an interview with Liz Claman.
TheStreet (2/29/12) 3 Stocks Investors Are Selling but Should Be Buying

Full article >
Sandy Villere, III shares his insights on a "contrarian" investment approach where investors who are overly pessimistic or optimistic about a stock often miss the boat when it comes back in favor. He comments on a few "contrarian" stock picks.
MoneyNews (2/9/12) Natural-Gas Producers Bank on Royalty Trusts for Funds George Young thinks royalty trusts offered by natural gas companies have been "additive" and provide the producers with liquidity to buy more assets.
Fox Business (1/16/12)
Balancing the Stocks, Bonds in Your Portfolio

Full interview >
George Young emphasizes the importance of maintaining a long-term focus rather than being a day-trader during an interview with Liz Claman. He discusses what it means to have a balanced portfolio as well as a few stock picks.
Advisor Perspectives (1/5/12) 2012 Market and Economic Commentary and Outlook

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George Young provides his perspective on the market outlook for 2012. He sees volatility as an opportunity and believes investors should be patient in this market.
Reuters (1/4/12) How to Play It: Auto sales revving up in 2012

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Although new car sales were up in 2011, many Americans are trying to make their cars last longer. Sandy Villere, III believes this should mean continued profits for auto parts suppliers.
Bloomberg (12/1/11)
Finding Value in Volatile Markets

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Sandy Villere, III thinks volatility in the market can be your friend rather than your enemy by providing opportunities to buy dominant companies at reasonable prices. He discusses several stock picks with Bloomberg's Adam Johnson.
Forbes (12/7/11) Twelve Thoughts on 2012

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George Young, featured among twelve fund managers who provide their thoughts on what's ahead for 2012, believes bearish sellers are exhausted and that is how bull markets are formed.
TheStreet (12/5/11) Balanced Mutual Funds Offer Stability

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Villere Balanced Fund was included in TheStreet's list of balanced funds that have offered some stability in volatile markets. The Fund looks for companies with secure market positions, solid balance sheets, and long-term sustainability.
CNBC Closing Bell (11/17/11)
Value Hunt

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During an interview with CNBC's Melissa Francis, George Young discusses finding diamonds in the rough by being grounded in fundamental research. Meeting a company's management is a key to discovering value in undervalued and overlooked stocks. He also shared his insight on a few stock picks.
MoneyShow (11/14/11) 4 Hot Picks from a Small-Cap Manager

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George Young discusses the Villere Balanced Fund and a handful of stock picks with Kate Stalter of MoneyShow. Regarding handling the market swings, Young says, "The most important thing is to figure out what are your objectives."
New York Times (10/9/11) Villere Balanced Fund listed Villere Balanced Fund was listed among 12-month leaders in New York Times Mutual Fund Report.
Wall Street Journal (10/5/11) Villere Balanced Fund listed The Villere Balanced Fund was listed in the One-Year Best Performers category in the October 5, 2011 issue of Wall Street Journal.
TheStreet (9/23/2011) Villere looks for value in energy

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Sandy Villere, III and George Young discussed the lagging energy sector during an interview with Andrea Tse of TheStreet on September 23, 2011. They also commented on two of their favorite energy holdings, SandRidge Energy and Northern Oil & Gas.
Kiplinger's Personal Finance (9/2011) Villere Balanced Fund listed The Villere Balanced Fund was listed in the Hybrid Funds category in the September 2011 issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance.
Savannah Morning News (8/26/11) Villere comments on Apple purchase Sandy Villere, III commented on Villere Balanced Fund's recent purchase of Apple in the Savannah Morning News on August 26, 2011.
Fox Business (8/25/11)
Young emphasizes investing for the long-term

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During an interview with Cheryl Casone of Fox Business on August 25, 2011, George Young emphasized not to let emotions drive investors' investment decisions and that the Villere Balanced Fund remains focused on a long-term investment strategy.
MarketWatch Radio (8/25/11) "Panic is not a strategy" says Young

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George Young spoke with Larry Kofsky of MarketWatch Radio on August 25, 2011. They discussed the market's volatility over the summer and that it will probably remain volatile for some time. Young said, "You've got algorithm trading, program trading, a lot of panic out there, and panic is not a strategy but it's something that investors have to come to grips with." He added that there will continue to be that volatility, but it's important for people to focus on the long-term.
Bloomberg TV (8/25/11)
Villere discusses recent investments

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On August 25, 2011, Sandy Villere, III spoke to Matt Miller of Bloomberg TV about recent investments for the Villere Balanced Fund. The hot topics of the day were Bank of America and AOL. Sandy also discussed other stock picks including Apple, Luminex, Poolcorp, and O'Reilly Automotive.
CNN Money (8/25/11) Villere agrees with Buffett logic regarding Bank of America

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Following the announcement that Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathoway was investing in preferred shares of Bank of America (BAC), Sandy Villere, III, co-manager of the Villere Balanced Fund, spoke with CNN Money's Paul LaMonica on August 25, 2011. Villere previously sold the fund's stake in BAC's common stock and instead bought the bank's convertible preferred shares which pay a dividend.
CNN Money (7/29/11) Sandy Villere, III favors companies with economic resilient products

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As the debt ceiling indecision continued, Sandy Villere, III, co-manager of the Villere Balanced Fund, discussed potential investing safe havens during an interview with CNN Money's Paul LaMonica. Villere said, "You just need to find companies with strong balance sheets, preferably those that pay good dividends as well." He also stated that "companies with products that people have to buy regardless of economic conditions are good bets" and commented on two of the fund's holdings, O'Reilly Automotive and Smucker.
Bloomberg (7/26/11) Villere comments on market reaction to debt ceiling uncertainty

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During an interview with Bloomberg's Nikolaj Gammeltoft on July 26, 2011, Sandy Villere, III commented on the market reaction to the debt ceiling uncertainty. He said that "people will eventually peel off the layers of the onion and look at the good earnings that are still being produced."
SmartMoney (7/20/11) Young says investors seeking better deals in corporate bonds

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George Young, portfolio manager of the Balanced Fund, discusses investor sentiment regarding corporate bonds in an interview with Jonnelle Marte of SmartMoney on July 20, 2011. He states that "investors are demanding better deals before snapping up new issues again". Additionally, he says "investors should also consider high-quality dividend paying stocks, which provide stable payments but could also rise if the economy improves."
TheStreet (7/12/11) Villere sees Triangle Petroleum as a "Budding Shale Play" Sandy Villere, III comments on Triangle Petroleum Corporation as an up-and-coming company in the oil industry during an interview with TheStreet's Andrea Tse on July 12, 2011.
Kiplinger's Personal Finance (7/2011) Kiplinger's headlines "A Balanced Fund With Attitude"

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In the July 2011 issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Villere Balanced Fund was ranked in the Balanced Mutual Fund listing and featured in an article, "A Balanced Fund With Attitude". The article focuses on the fund's strategy to target "undiscovered, fast-growing small and midsize companies" that are reasonably valued.
CNBC's Street Signs (6/2/11) CNBC's Street Signs features Sandy Villere, III On June 2, 2011, Sandy Villere, III was interviewed on CNBC's Street Signs in a segment titled "Rebuilding in the Aftermath of Disaster". He shared his insight on stock picks of companies that "do the heavy lifting after a major weather event".
TheStreet (6/1/11) Sandy Villere, III discusses stock picks on TheStreet Sandy Villere, III was interviewed by Gregg Greenberg of TheStreet on June 1, 2011.
TheStreet (5/31/11)
Villere featured in TheStreet's Fund Manager Five Spot Sandy answered five questions regarding stock picks from the Villere Balanced Fund portfolio.
Bloomberg TV (5/26/11)
Villere Focuses on Stock Picks

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Sandy Villere, III was interviewed on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart" on May 26, 2011. He shared his insights about the market as well as a few of his stock picks with Carol Masser, Matt Miller and Adam Johnson.
TheStreet (5/26/11) TheStreet Real Story features George Young of Villere Balanced Fund George Young was interviewed by TheStreet's Gregg Greenberg for Real Story on May 26, 2011. He discusses how stocks are picked for the Villere Balanced Fund as well as a few of the fund's holdings.

Note: The George Young's interview runs from 21:24 to 25:30 on TheStreet's Real Story podcast.
Louis Rukeyser's Mutual Funds (5/2011) Focus on the Family Business Louis Rukeyser's May 2011 Mutual Funds and June 2011 Wall Street newsletters spotlighted Villere. The article focuses on the fact that the firm and its only fund, Villere Balanced, is "truly a family affair". Two of the fund's holdings are highlighted, and a quote from George Young emphasizes the importance of the family-run nature of the business. "We've put our resources into this one fund that bears all of our names. It's a fund of a family rather than a family of funds." (5/20/11) Spotlight on Villere Balanced Fund Villere Balanced Fund was featured in "Let Winners Run" on on May 20, 2011. The Q&A with George Young, Portfolio Manager of the fund, highlights the fund's history, objective, investment philosophy and strategy, as well as the research process and portfolio construction.
Dow Jones MarketWatch (5/11/11) Villere Balanced Fund featured

Full article >
On May 11, 2011, Villere was featured in Dow Jones MarketWatch article "Amid Rally, Villere Fund Digs for Cheap Stocks." The article stated that "Villere & Co. just turned 100 years old, and it is holding fast to the business of old-fashioned stock picking." The article highlights the Villere Balanced Fund and the firm's investment strategy, as well as three of the fund's stock picks.
The New York Times Villere Balanced Fund Highlighted  
Bloomberg BusinessWeek (4/18/11) Villere Balanced Fund Highlighted

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Wall Street Journal (4/1/11) Villere Balanced Fund listed among "Mixed Asset Target Allocation Growth Funds"

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New Orleans CityBusiness (10/29/10) "Investment Firm Sees Technology Evolution"

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In its October 29, 2010 issue, CityBusiness wrote about the evolution of technology in Villere's practice.

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The Villere Balanced Fund may invest in debt securities which typically decrease in value when interest rates rise. This risk is usually greater for longer-term debt securities. Investments in lower rated and non-rated securities present a great risk of loss to principal and interest than higher rated securities.

The Villere Equity Fund's ability to invest in initial public offerings (IPOs) involves a higher degree of risk than more seasoned companies. Equity investments are subject to market risk.

Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

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While the Funds are no-load, management fees and other expenses will apply. Please refer to the prospectus for additional information.

As of 3/31/18, the Morningstar "Allocation--50% to 70% Equity" category returns were: 1-year: 9.75%, 3-year: 5.62%, 5-year: 7.77%, 10-year: 6.17%, 15-year: 7.91%.

The Morningstar Rating™ for funds, or "star rating", is calculated for managed products (including mutual funds, variable annuity and variable life subaccounts, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, and separate accounts) with at least a three-year history. Exchange-traded funds and open-ended mutual funds are considered a single population for comparative purposes. It is calculated based on a Morningstar Risk-Adjusted Return measure that accounts for variation in a managed product's monthly excess performance, excluding the effects of sales charges and loads, placing more emphasis on downward variations and rewarding consistent performance. The top 10% of products in each product category receive 5 stars, the next 22.5% receive 4 stars, the next 35% receive 3 stars, the next 22.5% receive 2 stars, and the bottom 10% receive 1 star. The Overall Morningstar Rating™ for a managed product is derived from a weighted average of the performance figures associated with its three-, five-, and 10-year (if applicable) Morningstar Rating™ metrics. The weights are: 100% three-year rating for 36-59 months of total returns, 60% five-year rating/40% three-year rating for 60-119 months of total returns, and 50% 10-year rating/30% five-year rating/20% three-year rating for 120 or more months of total returns. While the 10-year overall star rating formula seems to give the most weight to the 10-year period, the most recent three-year period actually has the greatest impact because it is included in all three rating periods.

As of 3/31/18 the Villere Balanced Fund was rated against the following numbers of U.S.-domiciled funds in the "Allocation--50% to 70% Equity" category over the following time periods: 318 funds in the last three years, 276 funds in the last five years, and 203 funds in the last ten years. With respect to the funds in the "Allocation--50% to 70% Equity" category, Villere Balanced Fund received a Morningstar Rating of 2 stars for the three-year period, 1 star for the five-year period and 5 stars for the ten-year period. The Villere Balanced Fund received a 3 star Overall Morningstar Rating as of 3/31/18 out of 318 funds. The Overall Morningstar RatingTM for a fund is derived from a weighted average of the fund's three-year Morningstar Ratings metrics, which are based on risk-adjusted return performance.

Among the funds in the "Allocation--50% to 70% Equity" category according to Morningstar as of 3/31/18, the Villere Balanced Fund was ranked in the top 61% for 1 year among 347 funds, 94% for 5 years among 273 funds and 2% for 10 years among 201 funds, based on total returns. Percentile ranking is based on the total number of funds ranked and the Morningstar total return, which includes both income and capital gains or losses and is not adjusted for sales charges or redemption fees. The highest percentile rank is 1 and the lowest is 100.

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Shares of the Villere Funds are currently offered only in the United States and are not registered for sale in any jurisdiction other than the United States. This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, purchase, or sale would be unlawful.

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Assets under management as of 12/31/17: $2.1 billion.

Any tax or legal information provided isn't an exhaustive interpretation of some of the current income tax regulations. Investors must consult their tax advisor or legal counsel for advice and information concerning their particular situation. Neither the Fund nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.

The FPA Crescent Fund pays a management fee of 1.00% and has a total annual expense ratio of 1.25%. Total assets in the fund as of 12/31/2012 were $10.4 billion. The fund's objective is to provide a total return consistent with reasonable investment risk, through a combination of income and capital appreciation.

Risks associated with investing in the FPA Crescent Fund include but are not limited to market risk, below investment grade securities risk, market risk, convertible or other debt securities risk, foreign market risk, value-oriented investment risk, and medium- and smaller-company investment risk.

As of 3/31/18 the Russell 1000 index returns were: 1-year: 13.98%, 5-year: 13.17%, 10-year: 9.61%. Russell 2000 index returns were: 1-year: 11.79%, 5-year: 11.47%, 10-year: 9.84%. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, Russell 1000 index returns were: 13.24%, 0.92% and 12.05% respectively, and Russell 2000 index returns were: 4.89%, -4.41%, and 21.13% respectively.

Index definitions:

Bank of America Merrill Lynch US Corporate Master Index value tracks the performance of US dollar denominated investment grade rated corporate debt publically issued in the US domestic market. To qualify for inclusion in the index, securities must have an investment grade rating (based on an average of Moody's, S&P, and Fitch) and an investment grade rated country of risk (based on an average of Moody's, S&P, and Fitch foreign currency long term sovereign debt ratings).

Chicago Board Options Exchange Market Volatility Index (VIX) is a measure of the implied volatility of the S&P index options. Often referred to as the fear index or the fear gauge, it represents one measure of the market's expectation of stock market volatility over the next 30 day period.

DAX is a stock index that represents 30 of the largest and most liquid German companies that trade on the Frankfurt Exchange. The prices used to calculate the DAX Index come through Xetra, an electronic trading system. A free-float methodology is used to calculate the index weightings along with a measure of average trading volume.

Dow Jones Industrial Average ("Dow") is an unmanaged index of common stocks comprised of major industrial companies and assumes reinvestment of dividends.

Dow Jones REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) Index covers about two-thirds of the aggregate value of the publicly-traded REIT market domestically.

Dow Jones Stoxx Europe 600 Index measures the financial performance of leading European companies as measured by their sustainability practices.

Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) is a security that tracks an index, a commodity or a basket of assets like an index fund, but trades like a stock on an exchange.

Europe STOXX 600 is an index tracking 600 publicly-traded companies based in one of 18 EU countries.

Hang Seng China Enterprises Index is a freefloat capitalization-weighted index comprised of H-Shares listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and included in the Hang Seng Mainland Composite Index.

Japanese Government Bond (JGB) is a bond issued by the government of Japan. The government pays interest on the bond until the maturity date. At the maturity date, the full price of the bond is returned to the bondholder.

Lipper Balanced Index (Lipper Bond Index) is an equally weighted performance index of the largest qualifying funds in the Lipper Category. The indices are unmanaged and returns include reinvested dividends.

NASDAQ Composite Index is a market capitalization-weighted index that is designed to represent the performance of the National Market System which includes over 5,000 stocks traded only over-the-counter and not on an exchange.

NASDAQ 100 is an index composed of the 100 largest, most actively traded U.S companies listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

New York Commodities Exchange (NYMEX) is the world's largest Commodities Futures Exchange and one of the most active options exchanges for the precious metals and energy markets.

Nikkei 225 Stock Average is a price-weighted index comprised of Japan's top 225 blue-chip companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

PowerShares QQQ is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on the Nasdaq 100 Index.

Russell 1000 is an index of approximately 1,000 of the largest companies in the U.S. equity markets that comprises over 90% of the total market capitalization of all listed U.S. stocks, and is considered an indicator for large cap investing.

Russell 1000 Growth index measures the performance of the Russell 1000’s growth segment, which is defined to include firms whose share prices have higher price-to‐book ratios and higher expected earnings growth rates.

Russell 2000 Index consists of the smallest 2,000 companies in a group of 3,000 U.S. companies in the Russell 3000 Index, as ranked by market capitalization and serves as a benchmark for small-cap stocks in the United States.

Russell 3000 Index is a market capitalization weighted equity index that encompasses the 3,000 largest U.S.-traded stocks, in which the underlying companies are all incorporated in the U.S.

S&P 500 is an unmanaged index which is widely regarded as the standard for measuring large-cap U.S. stock market performance.

The S&P 600 SmallCap Index covers a broad range of small cap stocks in the United States. The index is weighted according to market capitalization and covers about 3-4% of the total market for equities in the United States.

S&P 500 Health Care Index comprises those companies included in the S&P 500 that are classified as members of the GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) health care sector.

S&P 500 Technology Index comprises those companies included in the S&P 500 that are classified as members of the GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) information technology sector.

The S&P 500 Financials Index comprises those companies included in the S&P 500 that are classified as members of the GICS® financials sector.

S&P GSCI (Goldman Sachs Commodities Index) is a composite index of commodity sector returns which represents a broadly diversified, unleveraged, long-only position in commodity futures.

Spiders, SPDR and SPY is a short form of Standard & Poor's depositary receipt, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) managed by State Street Global Advisors that tracks the Standard & Poor's 500 Index (S&P 500). Each share of spider contains one-tenth of the S&P index and trades at roughly one-tenth of the dollar-value level of the S&P 500. Spiders can also refer to the general group of ETFs to which the Standard & Poor's depositary receipt belongs.

VIX is quoted in percentage points and translates, roughly, to the expected movement in the S&P Index over the next 30-day period.

U.S. Dollar Index (USDX) is a measure of the value of the U.S. dollar relative to majority of its most significant trading partners.

Please note, one cannot invest directly in an index.

Definitions of terms:

AAA bond rating is the highest rating assigned by S&P to a debt obligation and indicates an extremely strong capacity to pay principal and interest. Bonds rated AA also qualify as high-quality debt obligations. Capacity to pay principal and interest is very strong, and in the majority of instances they differ from AAA issues only in small degree. Bonds rated A have a strong capacity to pay principal and interest, although they are somewhat more susceptible to the adverse effects of changes in circumstances and economic conditions.

Alpha is a measure of performance on a risk-adjusted basis.

Basis Point (BPS) is commonly used for calculating changes in interest rates, equity indexes and the yield of a fixed-income security and is equal to 1/100th of 1%.

Bond ratings are grades given to bonds that indicate their credit quality as determined by a private independent rating service such as Standard & Poor's. The firm evaluates a bond issuer's financial strength, or its ability to pay a bond's principal and interest in a timely fashion. Ratings are expressed as letters ranging from "AAA", which is the highest grade, to 'D', which is the lowest grade. In limited situations when the rating agency has not issued a formal rating, the Advisor will classify the security as nonrated.

Brent Crude is a type of petroleum classification given to oil from the North Sea. In many countries, including those in Europe, Brent Crude is used as a benchmark for pricing other classifications of oil.

Cash flow measures the cash generating capability of a company, calculated by subtracting total liabilities from total assets.

EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. EBITDA is essentially net income with interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization added back to it, and can be used to analyze and compare profitability between companies and industries because it eliminates the effects of financing and accounting decisions.

Dividend Yield is a ratio indicating how much a company pays out in dividends each year relative to its share price. Dividend yield is represented as a percentage and can be calculated by dividing the dollar value of dividends paid in a given year per share of stock held by the dollar value of one share of stock.

Duration is a measure of the sensitivity of the price (the value of principal) of a fixed-income investment to a change in interest rates and is expressed as a number of years.

Earnings Growth is a measure of growth in a company's net income over a specific period, often one year.

Earnings per share (EPS) is calculated by taking the total earnings dividend by the number of shares outstanding.

Earnings Yield is the earnings per share for the most recent 12-month period divided by the current market price per share; it shows the percentage of each dollar invested in the stock that was earned by the company.

European Central Bank (ECB) is the bank created to administer monetary policy for the countries that have converted to the euro.

Free Cash Flow (FCF) is a measure of financial performance calculated as operating cash flow minus capital expenditures. Free cash flow (FCF) represents the cash that a company is able to generate after laying out the money required to maintain or expand its asset base.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's borders in a specific time period, usually calculated on an annual basis.

Market cap is the market price of an entire company, calculated by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the price per share.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company whose products are used as components in another company's product.

Point is a measurement used to express the interest rate of a mortgage or changes to that interest rate. It also refers to shifts in the price of a security. A point indicates a 1% change relative to the bond's face value. In futures contracts, a point refers to a price change of one one-hundredth of 1 cent. A point also refers to a $1 price change in the value of common stock.

Price-to-book ratio (P/B Ratio) is used to compare a stock's market value to its book value. It is calculated by dividing the current closing price of the stock by the latest quarter's book value per share.

Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio is a common tool for comparing the prices of different common stocks and is calculated by dividing the current market price of a stock by the earnings per share. The P/E ratio is not a measure of future performance or growth.

Price Earnings to Growth (PEG) Ratio is an indicator of a stock's potential value by taking into account earnings growth and is calculated by dividing the P/E Ratio by the Annual Earnings Per Share Growth.

Price-To-Sales Ratio (PSR) is a valuation ratio that compares a company's stock price to its revenues and is an indicator of the value placed on each dollar of a company's sales or revenues.

European Central Bank (ECB) is the bank created to administer monetary policy for the countries that have converted to the euro.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a security that sells like a stock on the major exchanges and invests in real estate directly, either through properties or mortgages.

Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) is a measure of how effectively a company uses the money (borrowed or owned) invested in its operations. Calculated by: net income after taxes / (total assets less excess cash minus non-interest-bearing liabilities).

Sharpe Ratio is a measure for calculating risk-adjusted return.

Yield is the income return on an investment and refers to the interest or dividends received from a security; is usually expressed annually as a percentage based on the investment's cost, its current market value or its face value.


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