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About Us


Villere & Co. is a registered investment adviser and manages $1.8 billion in equity and fixed income strategies for high net-worth individuals, families, and institutional clients through customized managed accounts and mutual funds. From our headquarters in New Orleans, four generations of the Villere family have continuously served clients since 1911.

At Villere & Co., we invest selectively and manage our clients’ assets in-house. We built our reputation by uncovering under-the-radar companies with potential for above-average growth.

Our People

Discover the value of a dedicated and experienced team. We continually strive to give you an exceptional client experience.

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Our History


St. Denis J. Villere founds the company
St. Denis, the great grandson of Louisiana’s second governor Jacques Villere, started Villere & Co., a business specializing in public underwriting and brokering of local stocks and bonds.



Villere helps shape New Orleans
Villere & Co. sold bonds to build the historic Watson-Williams Bridge, approved in 1925. When completed three years later, the five-mile bridge across Lake Pontchartrain was the world’s longest concrete bridge. By connecting the city to the North Shore, the bridge expanded access to New Orleans for trade, tourism, and more.



A second generation joins the business 
As New Orleans blossomed into one of the South’s wealthiest cities, Villere & Co. grew with it. Ernest Villere joined his father’s brokerage firm.



Investment advice becomes the new focus 
As other companies succumbed to the Great Depression, Villere & Co. made an important business decision. In response to a client who had sold his business during the depression—and returned from a trip around the world needing financial experts to look after his affairs—Villere & Co. adopted the concept of investment advice on a fee-only basis, while continuing to manage assets in-house.



Investment research relationships expand
In addition to frequent trips to New York, Chicago and Boston, Ernest Villere visited the stock exchanges in London, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Tokyo, as well as toured South America.




More generations join
Ernest’s sons, Sandy (1960) and George (1967), joined the firm. In 1986, nephew George Villere Young ushered in the fourth generation. The firm earned a reputation for discovering companies with high growth potential.




Villere helps found Financial Analysts of New Orleans
Ernest Villere became its first president, a role since served by several partners at the firm.




Villere acquires Boston Company of New Orleans



Closing of the broker-dealer
Villere closed its broker-dealer to focus on portfolio management and serving clients. The firm established a long-lasting partnership with Charles Schwab.



Villere launches first mutual fund
New Orleans’ first no-load fund gave clients a new option to save for college, manage IRAs, or make gifts to family members. Sandy Villere III joined the company.




The company weathers the storm
When Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in 2005, Villere & Co. closed for just a single day despite being located in the heart of New Orleans. A temporary office was swiftly set up in Houston and all clients were taken care of.




Assets reach $2 billion 
Assets managed by Villere & Co. topped $2 billion. Another family member, Lamar Villere, joined the company as growth continued.



Villere & Co. wins lawsuit for investors 
In an effort to protect its clients, Villere & Co. successfully sued Epiq Systems on behalf of its investors—and all other shareholders—nominating a new slate of directors to help improve Epiq’s management quality and performance.


Investment Philosophy &

We invest selectively and independently, with a long-term perspective. Our active, concentrated portfolio strategy allows us to pursue our most compelling investment ideas.

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In the community

“Do well. Then do good.” The words of our partner George Villere sum up our belief in civic involvement. It’s why each partner brings at least a decade of nonprofit board leadership experience.

We’re proud to have served a variety of organizations through board leadership, philanthropy, and outreach.

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