Our People

George Young

Partner & Portfolio Manager
George Young

George is a problem-solver who thinks broadly about his clients’ motivations and assets. His secret is always listening first. Then he guides clients on how they may move toward reaching their goals.

What does he enjoy most? Thinking creatively. During client conversations, he finds out what they value most and helps them crystalize what they want to achieve with their portfolios and life ambitions.

In addition to his role as portfolio manager and strategizing with other partners on investment decisions, George serves as the assistant chief compliance officer.

George has been frequently quoted and interviewed in the media, including Barron’s and Bloomberg Radio, and is a regular guest on CNBC, Fox Business News, and other financial media outlets.

George contributes his personal time and expertise to many organizations throughout Louisiana:

  • Life board member of the Louise S. McGehee School
  • Board member and endowment committee chair of the New Orleans Botanical Garden
  • Mentor with Volunteers of America’s Children of Promise program
  • Member of the Trinity Church Vestry
  • Endowment committee chair at Trinity Church
  • Head of De La Salle Signum Fidei committee
  • Past president of the Louisiana Civil Service League
  • Past board chair of Lambeth House
  • Past board member of the Greater New Orleans Foundation

George is married, and has two daughters and three grandchildren.



41 years

Helping people recognize their goals—from planning for retirement to creating wealth to leaving a legacy.

Mountain climbing, biking, swimming and traveling the world—from Jamaica to London. In an earlier life, he was an apiarist, raising bees and collecting their honey in baby food jars.

It’s a tie between scaling his most dangerous peak in Canada and a climb that involved milking a cow in Mexico.

To discover surprising places—a tucked-away park or an unheralded café—in New Orleans, a city he’s lived in most of his life.

“Don’t fall in love with a stock. It won’t love you back.”